Louis Ross, CEO

  • 8 years operations experience in venture companies; started operations in four countries including the US, Canada, Japan, and Hong Kong
  • 20 years of managing and consulting on intellectual property strategy/management, emerging technology R&D, business development, sales/marketing
  • 5 years in investment banking, private equity, venture capital and angel; emerging/disruptive technologies- semi, wireless, internet, software
  • CEO at technology start-ups, Merrill Lynch, NASDAQ, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, American Enterprise Institute, U.S. Government
  • BA, Economic- Rollins College; Masters Finance/MBA, John Hopkins University Post-Grad, University of Tokyo, Keio University

Mark Boysel, Chief Scientist

  • 29 years in MEMS technology R&D and commercialization; Over 60 US and foreign patents on MEMS devices and processes
  • Chief Scientist at several technology start-ups and at the New York Smart System Technology & Commercialization Center
  • MEMS R&D at Texas Instruments DLP, Motorola, Corning
  • Expertise in device physics, MEMS design, MEMS fabrication (surface and bulk micromachining), and MEMS testing
  • Experience with inertial MEMS and optical MEMS including micromirror arrays, silicon and silica waveguides, optical switches, spatial light modulators, and field emission displays
  • PhD in Solid State Physics from Ohio State; Post-Docs in Physics at Imperial College London and the Institute for Polymers and Organic Solids at the University of California Santa Barbara

James Wolf, Advisor

  • 29 years commercial banking; Standard Chartered Bank – Vice Chairman – The Americas; responsible for business development and strategy for Americas' multinational institutions market.
  • Mellon Financial Corporation – Executive Vice President of Corporate, Institutional and International Banking; member of Mellon Senior Management Committee; member of Mellon Executive Technology Committee; Director of Mellon Institutional Sales Committee; Director of Mellon Strategic Marketing Group; National Sales and Marketing Manager of Mellon Global Cash Management; National Marketing and Communications Manager.