Inertial Sensors 

Inertial SensorMEI’s proprietary 3DS Architecture not only reduces costs and allows unprecedented integration, it provides the platform for an inertial sensor with a tactical grade performance range at a consumer grade cost. The low mechanical noise arises from the sensor design which utilizes a thick inertial mass that is 100 to 1000 times the mass of typical proof masses used in current sensors. The increased mass of the Motion Engine device gives a 10-30 X reduction in noise, and the large mass area (1-10 mm2) provides more area for sense electrodes for higher sensitivity.

This low noise sensor should enable bias drift reduction into the 0.1-1 deg/hr or even 0.01-.1 deg/hr range, which would make it an attractive sensor for tactical and low end navigation applications. The low end drift for almost all MEMS gyroscopes is 1 deg/hr. Furthermore the low cost MEMS fabrication techniques used to fabricate the device will enable low cost navigation applications such as personal navigation (PND) and related smart phone applications.

3D Through-Chip-Via Architecture

  • Larger proof mass – lower noise
  • Lower bias drift
  • Tactical, navigational, industrial uses ; consumer
  • MEMS hermetically fabricated
  • Can be integrated with any CMOS wafer
  • Wafer-level packaging of MEMS and IC