About Us 

ME logoMotion Engine, Inc. designs, develops, markets, and sells micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) sensor system software-enabled hardware platform technology for motion tracking devices.

Its solutions are comprised of an integrated circuit that incorporates motion sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes. Its system platform also can incorporate other MEMS devices to provide a complete system solution. The company is developing the industry's first true 3D system-level integration of CMOS and MEMS devices in a "packageless" design that provides an unprecedented combination of integration, performance characteristics and MEI's commercializing the next generation MEMS inertial sensor technology and advanced software for motion-sensing applications. This includes developing low-cost MEMS enabled inertial navigation systems (INU). It is the only MEMS motion sensor design and manufacturer of commercial-grade motionsensing devices in Canada. The company's business and engineering teamspossess decades of operational and manufacturing expertise and know-how for process, design and ramp-up of advanced sensor and applications products. MEI's proprietary MEMS sensor technology is based on sensing both accelerationsand angular velocities and using advanced software to interpret the informationsensed. The advantage of MEI's technology is the ability to do multi-axis sensing all with a single proof mass chip, an industry first. MEI is also developing its pioneering "3D TCV" wafer level packaging technology, significantly reducing the size and cost of current industrial/tactical gradeIMU/INU devices to an unprecedented size, cost, performance combination which is expected to become an industry standard.

The Region

The Montreal region of Quebec, a growing center of microsystems/MEMS expertise with strong software application development centers of excellence, a world-leading MEMS/microsystems R&D center and one of the world's largest MEMS open foundry/manufacturing facilities. The region is connected to a "semiconductor corridor" that encompasses Vermont, upstate New York and Massachusetswhere some of the world's leading semiconductor R&D is Albany Nanotech, IBM, Global Foundries. Intel. Montreal is the home of North America's largest video game design center. With 98% of Québec's aerospace activity concentrated in Greater Montréal, the region is one of world's leading aerospace centres, along with Seattle and Toulouse. The Greater Montréal region also has the second-largest density of aerospace jobs in the world.

Montreal City